January 26

You Don’t Need to Learn How to Close the Sale

In many of the conversations that I have had over the years with Sales Directors and Sales Managers they have asked me to train their sales people to close the sale and I have said “No”. “Why not?” is often their reply and I say that it is like helping someone to plan a marriage.

March 25

The Excitement of Business Planning

March is planning time for me – business and garden planning. My new financial year starts on the 1st April, as it may for many of you too, and so I am reviewing my strategy, deciding what I want to achieve next year and developing both sales and cashflow forecasts.   At the same time,.

March 5

Which are the best marketing tools for acquiring new customers?

Malcom Wicks of Simple Plans shares with us survey results of the most effective marketing tools for acquiring new customers. Why we did the survey Acquiring new customers gets even more difficult in a tough economic environment so it’s crucial to use the most effect marketing tools. To give you some indicators to help with.

March 5

Business Development Barrier and How to Overcome: Fear of selling

Fear of selling This particular fear is not only applicable to professionals but is felt by both sales and non-sales people alike. The most successful sales people have conquered this fear (if they had it in the first place) and we can learn a lot from their experiences. The fear of selling usually stems from.

March 5

Business Development Barrier and How to Overcome: Not managing the business development activity

Not managing the business development activity Sales management is common practice amongst successful corporates and yet sadly lacking in most professional service firms. Sales management is about monitoring performance and managing and motivating individuals to achieve the vision and goals that we mentioned in Barrier One. Early on in my days of business development training.

March 5

Business Development Barrier and How to Overcome: Time

Time One of the most frequently presented challenges from professionals is that they don’t have time to spend on business development. This is a very real barrier because professionals are a unique breed in that they are tasked with delivering the work, managing the client relationship and also winning the work. When they are very.