January 13

Daffodils in December – Environmental Changes and Flexibility

On one of my walks during the Christmas break – between the downpours and sometimes during them! – I noticed a tree bursting into blossom, the bobbing yellow heads of daffodils and the vibrant green growth on weeping willows. This is what I would expect to see in April rather than December. The weather experts.

September 2

What is it like to work with a professional coach?

Do you ever wonder what it is like to work with a professional coach? This is what one of my clients wrote about her experience: Prior to commencing my coaching sessions with Jacqueline we talked on the telephone to help me to decide whether I could work with her. My first session was then very.

July 29

Switching Off

  A full quarter of all sorts of people say they think about work-related issues in their leisure time, including holidays, weekends and extended breaks. This is not about work-life balance as much as work-life boundaries. It is about not letting work issues dominate outside work, during leisure activities.  Mark Cropley, health psychologist at Surrey.

February 20

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

When working with my coaching and training clients we often explore how what they think affects how they behave. How, for example, their self-confidence stems from the thoughts that they have about themselves and how that affects their behaviour. How we think affects how we behave. Our thoughts, our brain, drives what we do, what.

November 13

It’s Not What You Say But The Way That You Say It

  Do you: • want to be heard more? • want to be more assertive? • want to make more impact? • want to be taken more seriously? Good communication skills underpin a lot of the training and coaching that I do whether I am developing customer service, presentation or leadership skills. Understanding the impact.

August 6

Confused About Coaching?

Are you confused about coaching, wondering who engages a coach, what they talk about and how working with a coach could benefit you and your team? I have written this article to help lift this fog of confusion and highlight some of the key reasons why business people work with coaches and some of the.

December 12

Christmas Planning, Goals and Deadlines

I have just returned from a walk to the local shopping centre which was buzzing with a hive of activity from festive shoppers. Observing them and myself for a moment made me realise how much we all achieve in so little time in the run up to Christmas. We have cards to write, presents to.

July 24

Change – how do you approach it?

We have been going through a period of change as a business to respond to changing customer needs, build on our strengths, develop a new vision and review how we can best help. I have been thinking about how we all approach change differently and wanted to share with you two different examples that I have.

July 19

The Sat Nav Approach to Powerful Presentations

“Begin with the end in mind” is one of Stephen Covey’s seven habits of highly effective people. This is also the principle adopted when taking a car journey using a sat nav device. What is the destination for your journey? When you set off to drive to somewhere whether it is to the shops or.

March 5

Why Women are Such Great Networkers

By Jacqueline Harris from Auric Results Limited. This article is based on a talk I gave to the women’s networking group (She Plc) within Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce. My objectives were to boost the confidence of women in their ability to network and also to encourage them to attend mixed networking events. Whether you.