Breath of Fresh Air is a world-class provider of in-company training and coaching based in Reading, Berkshire. We bring a fresh approach into businesses helping them to think and act differently. We will help you to grow your organisation by growing your people through bespoke learning and development solutions. We offer indoor experiential workshops along with our unique outdoor Breath of Fresh Air® approach helping you to find the best bespoke learning and development solution to meet your objectives.

Working with a team of talented associates, Breath of Fresh Air provides a personal and tailored service to all our clients in the Thames Valley, across the UK and, occasionally, overseas. See our client list.

We focus on helping our clients to grow by providing:

  1. Direction, vision and strategy – facilitating, developing and reviewing strategy for growth;
  2. Implementation and action – coaching executives, teams, sales managers and sales people to implement strategy and plans;
  3. Skills development and behaviour change – learning & development workshops and individual and team coaching.

We will tailor all of our training programmes to your requirements and we specialise in:

  1. Business growth – sales and service
  2. Communication and interpersonal skills
  3. Leadership and management (including strategic thinking)
  4. Team performance and development
  5. Breath of Fresh Air®

By seeing and understanding your vision and strategy and tuning in to your business, we provide superior results, and we design and deliver people development solutions – training and coaching – that are linked specifically to your business objectives.

By designing learning solutions that appeal to both the hearts and minds of learners, we are able to make a direct difference to your business. Using accelerated techniques that maximise the impact of learning in the long-term, our solutions bring about tangible results. We focus on the desired outcomes for both the business and the learner and provide a relaxed, fun but challenging environment to facilitate the learning process.
Why choose Breath of Fresh Air?

Our clients choose us because they:

  • Want an on-going relationship
  • Like our track record across a range of industry sectors
  • Are looking for something a bit different and that works
  • Need a tailored approach for their business
  • Believe in investing in their people
  • Value the way we listen and take time to understand their business
  • Appreciate that we take a wider perspective than pure training in order to make a difference
  • Feel that we bring a ‘breath of fresh air’ into their business, helping them to think and act differently.