Breath of Fresh Air was founded in 2002 by Jacqueline Harris and we have considerable experience of business and Learning and Development as well as a wealth of industry specific experience including banking, law, accountancy, energy, IT, consultancy, healthcare and professional bodies. We also have a team of talented associates and business partners who we either work with or recommend.

Our mission is to design and deliver best in class coaching, development and training programmes to senior leaders, management and sales teams in a way that achieves the results you need but also supports individuals and teams in a meaningful way. We want to empower and enable individuals and organisations to achieve their goals and realise their dreams and we believe one of the best ways to achieve this is by maximising the potential of every individual.

We pride ourselves on providing an independent sounding board, and being supportive, whilst also challenging you and the status quo. Our programmes and coaching are all designed to help improve business and personal performance and create space and time for facilitated thinking.

Because we know that every business is different, we take the time to design coaching and programmes that are a bespoke mixture of face-to-face and virtual training and coaching, self-study, individual and group work.

We have also developed our unique Breath of Fresh Air approach whereby we deliver coaching and training outdoors wherever possible. Our experience over the years has shown that being outside creates a unique and enormously positive environment which in turn accelerates thinking, learning and change, and helps develop resilience and a greater sense of wellbeing. The ethos behind our Breath of Fresh Air approach runs through everything we do, even when we can’t get outside.

Jacqueline Harris

Jacqueline Harris

Jacqueline remains both the Managing Director and the driving force behind Breath of Fresh Air. Jacqueline is a highly experienced, world-class executive coach, trainer and facilitator. She has a wealth of business, sales, management and key account experience and is an Accredited Professional Executive Coach with the Association for Coaching, and an NLP Master Practitioner. A passionate follower of accelerated learning, Jacqueline also has advanced skills in learning and development, business coaching, strategy and business planning.

She specialises in all aspects of leadership, sales, interpersonal excellence and diversity and inclusion and uses high impact communication and relationship building skills to work at all levels from senior management/Board level to new recruits.

Her clients include UK Atomic Energy Authority, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Zurich Insurance, Herbert Smith, Linklaters, Barclays, RBS, London Bridge Software, BMW, the Institute of Customer Service and Vodafone.

Jacqueline’s outstanding leadership and management skills were recognised with a world award for her work in leading, regenerating and rebuilding her local JCI group – a local voluntary organisation devoted to the personal development of young leaders.