Anything is Possible – find your own ‘Presidency’

Last night we watched a programme about Barack Obama’s story and were surprised to hear about his background, his upbringing and the challenges that he faced. Seeing some clips of early speeches that he made I could clearly see and hear his potential.

He was not born to be President of the United States of America but he was born to do great things. He had the potential, the drive and he went on a journey to see how he could make a difference and apply his talents and skills.

Afterwards my husband, Chris, and I were chatting about the programme and we were saying that Barack Obama is such an example that anything is possible. He has his particular talents, skills and qualities that that have enabled him to become President.

Anything is possible for all of us. We all have our own unique talents, skills and qualities which we can utilise to find our own ‘Presidency’; our own unique place and purpose in the world.

I am passionate about enabling others to recognise and release their unique talents and skills. I am passionate about helping others to release their potential and to find their own ‘Presidency’. In so doing I am finding my own ‘Presidency’ too.

If you would like some help in finding your ‘Presidency’ and releasing your unique talents, skills and qualities come and take a personal Breath of Fresh Air™ with me or join one of our taster sessions this year.

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