Breath of Fresh Air is our unique outdoor approach to learning, facilitation and coaching that compliments the indoor experiential learning that we offer. They involve guided and facilitated walking workshops in inspiring outdoor locations.

Through our walking workshops, we create more ‘ah-ha moments’ than traditional methods, which in turn anchors learning, and produces rapid change and action-oriented behaviour.

Our outdoor training is an ideal way to raise consciousness, discuss and reinforce learning, problem-solve and action plan away from the office using the grounds and location of the venue.

You might choose a walking workshop for the whole of your learning event or combine it with some indoor learning and facilitation.


Take time – and space – to think

We bring a Breath of Fresh Air into businesses, by giving the people who own and work in them time and space to think clearly. In today’s environment we need to do things differently to achieve different results. We help people in business to shift their thinking by transporting them to a different place both physically and mentally with much of our work based around guided walks in an inspiring outdoor environment.

How often do you take time out to think about the business and its future direction?

Embark on a physical and mental journey

We all find it hard to break away from the demands of the office. Try a Breath of Fresh Air, which will:

  • Take you to a completely different, fresh setting
  • Enable you to take a step back and gain a different perspective
  • Challenge your thinking and, with skillful questioning, support you in findingthe answers
  • Connect you with your fellow walkers and the environment around you
  • Refresh your mind and your body to make you fit for business

Through this combination of connection, fresh air and walking, your mind is freed to think. With the help of your guides, you will move forward to find solutions that take you closer towards realising your dreams and goals, business and personal.

Your learning is accelerated through the multi-sensory experience, through the theory, practice, activity and reflection that can be applied to the work place. The act of learning is enhanced by the connections that you make and the memories that you create through your experience.

Why walking?

The act of walking plays an important role in unblocking the mind and helping participants to open up and share ideas in a less inhibited way.

The physical movement creates both left and right-brain activity, increases the oxygen to the brain and amplifies the quality of our thinking.

Walking also helps people to share ideas, as they can draw inspiration from the environment around them. Rapport is more quickly established and walkers get to the heart of the matter in a fraction of the time it would take in traditional business environments.