Our unique outdoor approach to learning, facilitation and coaching based around walking networking workshops has been designed to help you with the challenges that modern businesses face including:

  • Lack of time and space to think
  • Being too busy to make changes that improve efficiencies
  • Not focusing on the most important issues
  • No time to develop business relationships that will improve teamwork
  • Firefighting rather than preventing them
  • Budget restrictions meaning that training needs to have a real impact on the business

We bring a breath of fresh air into organisations helping them to think and act differently. We create space and time to think.

Take a look at our short video for more information and explore the example below.

See how Breath of Fresh Air can work for you

The Breath of Fresh Air walk is an innovative idea and lives up to its name. Whilst walking and talking the creative juices really flow and its lovely to share ideas with like minded people in such a beautiful way. I think we all spend too much time working in offices and not enough time giving our bodies and minds the chance to ‘work out’ issues. Networking is vital in business and innovative ideas like the BoFA lead to innovative business solutions…. !!!

Judith Tinker – M-Four Promotions

I really liked the way that you had structured the walk without it feeling constrained. The setting was beautiful and I have found myself thinking about various parts of conversation and the gorgeous views since. I always enjoy listening to others and seeing things from their point of view and this was a superb and relaxed way of getting people to help each other.

Cath Kerr