Breath of Fresh Air® is our unique outdoor approach to learning, facilitation and coaching and it has been designed to help you with the challenges that modern businesses face.

Ongoing research shows that getting outside and walking in inspiring locations can have a significant impact when it comes to effective coaching and accelerates learning, change and innovative thinking. It can cement and strengthen relationships and encourages openness, fresh perspectives, clarity and creativity.

Results focused

As always, we know that what matters is getting results and ensuring all coaching and training has a big impact on your business.

Our experience over more than a decade is that our Breath of Fresh Air approach can:

  • Enhance business performance
  • Aid with the attraction and retention of talent
  • Engage and motivate employees
  • Produce effective systems and decisions
  • Develop better working relationships
  • Inspire fast and creative planning and decision-making
  • Create a healthier workplace and ethic

Who or what is it designed for?

Everyone in the team can benefit from our Breath of Fresh Air approach but common issues that we help resolve include:

  • A lack of space and time to think strategically, create effective business plans and improve efficiencies
  • Improving the transfer of learning from training back into the business and into results
  • Injecting energy and excitement into the organisation and helping teams recognise and manage stress
  • Creating an innovative approach to building effective teams and developing talent
  • Improving communication, generating new ideas, and learning to focus on what’s important rather than always firefighting

In short, our Breath of Fresh Air workshops create quality thinking time, helping business people to work effectively and efficiently.

One to one coaching

Our Breath of Fresh Air approach is also specifically designed for one-to-one coaching for senior leaders and executives and the evidence suggests this is a powerful way of unlocking new ways of thinking and increasing cognitive capacity and capability.

Being outside enables the brain to overcome fatigue and think more strategically, creatively and effectively, whilst the act of walking itself enhances the coach / coachee relationship by creating a more comfortable environment which feels non-judgemental, less scrutinised, and makes it easier to deal with difficult issues.

Ideally we would be outdoors together but, if distance doesn’t allow us to be physically together, we can work together virtually whilst both walking outdoors.

Coaching Outdoors

The science

In addition to the added benefit of being a healthy and invigorating form of exercise, research shows that a number of aspects of outdoor coaching contribute to the overall benefits and helps unlock new cognitive capabilities.

The physical movement creates both left and right-brain activity, increasing the oxygen to the brain and amplifying the quality of your thinking.

There is also important psychology involved in walking side to side, varying pace, experiencing nature, a change of environment and going on a physical journey all of which encourages openness, provides inspiration and builds rapport in a fraction of the time it would take in traditional business environments.

Combined with powerful learning techniques, we will challenge your thinking and create a stimulating, grounding and refreshing environment in which to explore an array of corporate challenges, experiences, emotions and relationships.

Learning is accelerated through the multi-sensory experience, and through the theory, practice, activity and reflection that can be applied to the workplace. The act of learning is enhanced by the connections that you make and the memories that you create through your experience.

Through our walking workshops and coaching, we create more ‘ah-ha moments’ than traditional methods, which in turn anchors learning, and produces rapid change and action-oriented behaviour.

Our outdoor session raises consciousness, improve problem solving, are liberating, help provide a fresh perspective and a more grounded approach.

Our Breath of Fresh Air approach can be by way of ongoing coaching, a walking workshop for the whole of your learning event or combined with some indoor learning and facilitation. We will design the programme around your requirements and always with a view to making sure you realise your dreams and goals, business and personal.