Budding Potential

Last summer I looked after a neighbour’s garden while she
was away on holiday.

I was surprised and delighted when I heard the doorbell ring
a few days after she returned and my neighbour presented me with a baby pink
miniature rose in a basket. The rose was beautiful and flowered for several
weeks until eventually the leaves began to fall and the stems were bare.

In this sorry state most people would probably have thrown
the plant away but I cut it back and put it in my greenhouse over winter.

When spring came, I saw a few shoots emerging from the dry
old stems and moved the plant into a larger pot of fresh compost with added
nutrients. Then it began to grow and grow. Large leaves sprouted and flower
buds formed until eventually they opened revealing a deep pink rose head about
8 centimetres in diameter.

This little baby pink miniature rose had transformed into a
deep pink standard one. How amazing!

This made me think how the way in which I had nurtured and
developed the rose, enabling it to reach its full size is exactly what I do
with people and with businesses. I see the capability inside everyone and
create the environment for them to grow and flourish.

  • This little rose that had been suppressed under artificial
    conditions and just needed the right natural conditions to release its true identity and fulfil its potential.
    What latent ability do you have that needs to be
    nurtured, developed and released?
  • What potential do you see in others and how can
    you help them to grow?
  • How can I help you or your business to fulfil your

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