Business Development Barrier and How to Overcome: Fear of selling

Fear of selling

This particular fear is not only applicable to professionals but is felt by both sales and non-sales people alike. The most successful sales people have conquered this fear (if they had it in the first place) and we can learn a lot from their experiences.

The fear of selling usually stems from two sources:

The fear of failure and rejection – that the person we are talking to will say “no”.
A negative image in our minds of a stereotypical pushy sales person and our fear that we need to behave in the same manner.

This fear is so strong that it will stop us carrying out any business development activities yet it is a fear that many of us are unwilling to admit to. The danger is that if we don’t do anything about it none of our other recommended solutions will have any impact.


None of us likes to fail or face rejection. For us to deal with this when selling we have to recognise that when a potential buyer says “no” they are not rejecting us personally. Put yourself in their shoes. Why might they not want your products or services? Why do you not buy everything that you are offered? Selling is a numbers game and not everyone you ask will buy from you.

What about our stereotype of a sales person? Where does this come from? Probably a bad experience of being aggressively sold to, but how many times has that happened in reality, compared to good experiences? To remove this fear, we need to develop and adopt the characteristics of a professional, relationship building sales person. One that is appropriate to your profession.

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