Business Development Barrier and How to Overcome: Time


One of the most frequently presented challenges from professionals is that they don’t have time to spend on business development. This is a very real barrier because professionals are a unique breed in that they are tasked with delivering the work, managing the client relationship and also winning the work. When they are very busy with client work how can they find time for business development?

Whilst it seems simple, this time barrier is, in fact, more complex. Most professionals charge for their time and this leads to a big focus on charging for as much time as possible and so delivering as much work as possible. Most professionals are, therefore, rewarded on the number of chargeable hours they do, regardless of time spent on managing the client relationship and business development.

It is not just about the amount of time available but the priority that is placed on how that time is used.

David Maister, author of ‘Managing the Professional Service Firm’ and ‘The Trusted Advisor’ says “What you do with your billable time determines your current income. What you do with your non-billable-time determines your future.”


Many firms are now providing an allowance of time for business development and, more importantly, are expecting this time to be used. This also requires the correct resources to be in place to complete client work and also for a team approach to both client work and business development activity so that neither suffers during busy periods or time-consuming projects.

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