February 25

Strategic Networking

“I hadn’t thought about networking as being strategic” and “I was really intrigued by your statement that I can achieve anything I want without having to attend a networking event” These were two comments made by people attending a workshop that I gave recently for a group of fellow coaches. So, what do I mean.

August 29

Are you seeing the fruits of your labours?

This summer we have had a bumper crop of figs from our garden. Okay, not quite in Mediterranean quantities, but a wonderful crop for the UK. When I posted this photo on Facebook, my friend Margaret commented “Wow, we’ve got peppers, aubergines and tomatoes, but I never thought figs would grow so well here!” To.

February 14

What is a Sales Meeting?

“What is a sales meeting?” asked one of my clients recently. He is a lawyer, let’s call him Robert, who had asked for my help with networking and business development (which is what professionals tend to call sales). We were in the middle of a coaching session and I was just talking about converting a.

August 30

Grow What You Want To Eat

One sunny Sunday morning recently I was harvesting produce from my ‘appotment’ – that is the area at the side of the house where I grow fruit and vegetables in containers and raised beds – and feeling smug to be gathering lettuce, beetroot, courgettes, basil and carrots for our meal that day. “We are going.

May 10

Sales Prospecting and Sowing Seeds for Growth

Whilst out for a Breath of Fresh Air last week with a new contact who has recently set up her own business we were talking about her plans to find clients. One comment she made was that she doesn’t want to contact too many people because she is afraid that she will end up with.

January 26

You Don’t Need to Learn How to Close the Sale

In many of the conversations that I have had over the years with Sales Directors and Sales Managers they have asked me to train their sales people to close the sale and I have said “No”. “Why not?” is often their reply and I say that it is like helping someone to plan a marriage.

March 25

The Excitement of Business Planning

March is planning time for me – business and garden planning. My new financial year starts on the 1st April, as it may for many of you too, and so I am reviewing my strategy, deciding what I want to achieve next year and developing both sales and cashflow forecasts.   At the same time,.

March 5

Which are the best marketing tools for acquiring new customers?

Malcom Wicks of Simple Plans shares with us survey results of the most effective marketing tools for acquiring new customers. Why we did the survey Acquiring new customers gets even more difficult in a tough economic environment so it’s crucial to use the most effect marketing tools. To give you some indicators to help with.