March 5

Business Development Barrier and How to Overcome: Time

Time One of the most frequently presented challenges from professionals is that they don’t have time to spend on business development. This is a very real barrier because professionals are a unique breed in that they are tasked with delivering the work, managing the client relationship and also winning the work. When they are very.

March 5

How to Overcome the Fear of Selling

Of all the people who come together at the numerous business networking events held in the Thames Valley, very few have the title ‘Sales Executive’ on their business card. The majority of those I meet who are actively looking for new clients and customers or to promote a new business idea are professionals, service providers,.

March 5

How Not to Network

Get-togethers hosted by professional or membership organisations can be a great way to build relationships with other businesses and create mutual opportunities. But facing a sea of anonymous faces can be a nerve-wracking prospect, even for seasoned networkers. That feeling of insecurity can tempt people into five common networking ‘no-no’s: They latch on to one.

March 5

Don’t just fire top executives – give them coaching

Imagine the situation, or perhaps you don’t need to imagine it as you have already experienced it, one of your senior executives is underperforming. Perhaps there have been some ‘issues’ for a while which have been overlooked because he or she has been producing the financial results expected or because your other senior executives have.

March 4

A Balanced Approach to Business Development

When it comes to looking at the factors affecting sales success, Jacqueline Harris finds that ‘common sense not rocket science’ is the order of the day. Whether you call it ‘selling’ or, more grandly, ‘business development’, every business from global corporate to sole trader needs to bring in new customers or sell more to existing.

April 10

Sales Tips – Sowing Seeds for Growth

The envelope thudded on the front door mat and I eagerly opened it to discover the seed packets inside. I could already see the abundance of colour in the garden and the taste of the freshly picked vegetables. I turned over the packets to read the instructions (yes I do read them!) and discovered that.