August 5

10 tips for sales/client meetings via Skype video

I had my first Skype video meeting with a potential client recently and it made me think about some of the important things to remember. Here are my top tips: 1. Check and test the technology first. There is a facility on Skype to test both the image and the sound. 2. Check that the.

June 9

Selling is like gardening because…

Selling is like gardening because… 1. You have to sow many seeds to grow a few plants 2. Plants need feeding and watering in order to flourish 3. Some new seeds need thinning out to create room for others to grow 4. Timing is everything – try and grow roses in winter or daffodils in.

January 5

Twelfth Night – Taking down the Christmas Decorations

Traditionally Twelfth Night is the day when many people take down their Christmas decorations as keeping them up for longer is supposed to bring bad luck. In our house we like to take them down before then and usually before we start work again after New Year. This enhances the feeling of a fresh start.

November 4

Does social media have the marmite factor?

If you search the internet you will find lots of articles about social media with many people praising and probably just as many criticising. It definitely appears to have the marmite factor. I am talking here about social media for business. When I first dabbled in Ecademy, was invited to join Plaxo and then discovered.

June 25

Sales tips from a gardener

I have been spending the last few weekends clearing out the spring growth in my garden to make way for my summer bedding plants. I have cleared the bluebell flower heads, the daffodils and tulips and cut back the shrubs such as the forsythia which gave me such pleasure a few months ago. These will.

March 29

Networking – the importance of clear objectives

Networking is an immensely productive way of finding new clients and new business if done effectively. There are thousands of opportunities being created for us both formally and informally and yet many business people waste their valuable time because they don’t plan their networking. They set out on a journey without deciding on their destination.

March 7

Revisiting lapsed clients and prospects

When looking for ways to grow our business and our client base, an area we often overlook is that of our lapsed clients and prospects. These are customers and clients who have bought from us in the past and no longer do and potential clients who decided not to buy from us. Now I am.

February 21

Customers – attracting and retaining them

I recently attended an Institute of Directors (IOD) breakfast at Cliveden where the theme for the discussion was Customers. On each of our tables we discussed this theme and how we could both attract more of them and retain and grow those we already had. Here are the key messages that came out of the.

January 11

What are you waiting for – take action for growth

Are you waiting for the economy to get back to normal, for the election, for your competitors to take action, for your customers and clients to contact you or for the media to tell you that we are out of recession? Now is the time to take action, to be proactive and to get out.