March 5

Why Women are Such Great Networkers

By Jacqueline Harris from Auric Results Limited. This article is based on a talk I gave to the women’s networking group (She Plc) within Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce. My objectives were to boost the confidence of women in their ability to network and also to encourage them to attend mixed networking events. Whether you.

March 5

How to Overcome the Fear of Selling

Of all the people who come together at the numerous business networking events held in the Thames Valley, very few have the title ‘Sales Executive’ on their business card. The majority of those I meet who are actively looking for new clients and customers or to promote a new business idea are professionals, service providers,.

March 5

Networking – Uncover the Nectar

What does the word networking mean to you? Perhaps it suggests ‘sales people’ standing around at a ‘cocktail party’ type of event full of people in business suits making small talk and pretending to be interested in each other. In this article Jacqueline Harris shows how networking can be fun and is a valuable life.

March 5

Accelerated Learning

In today’s world we want to do everything as quickly as possible so is Accelerated Learning simply a way of responding to that? Is it a product of a disposable culture where we want something that will help us immediately and doesn’t need any long-term sustainability? Some of you may have studied the subject, others.

June 29

Monday Mornings

It is Monday morning again and how do I feel? After the initial shock of the alarm going off and waking up two hours earlier than on Sunday my reaction is “great it’s Monday morning”. You may be surprised that I am thinking that way – perhaps you don’t like Monday morning. As I am.