Change and Daylight Hours

As an early bird I have got used to eating my breakfast with the light on and have enjoyed watching the sun rise on the winter mornings. In the late afternoon I have been working at the computer in my office with the curtains drawn closed and the light on.

How fantastic now that it is daylight when I finish eating my rice krispies and still just about light when I put the kettle on for a cup of tea after work. As I think about the constant change of daylight hours I am reminded again of the amazing power of the universal environment that we exist in and our adaptability to the elements that are beyond our control.

Last night I watched an episode of the BBC’s Human Planet about living in the Arctic and I learnt that in the far north of Greenland they have over fifty days without daylight in the winter and a similar number of days in the summer when the sun doesn’t set. Thinking about this makes me feel uncomfortable and I think I would find it very difficult to cope in conditions like that but the native people have acclimatised over many years.

We naturally adapt to change and yet so often in a working environment we struggle to adapt, I wonder why?

Applying practises from NLP and the coaching work that I do, if we can do something in one area of our lives we can transfer that to other areas. Some times we just need a little helping hand. We can identify how we adapt to change in one area of our lives and then apply it to others.

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