Change – What Happens When You Let Go?

Early autumn and the seasons are clashing. Geraniums are dazzling with suggestions of sizzling summer heat while a single tree becomes a traffic light of colour from green to amber to red.

Like tug of war, summer pulls at one end of the rope and autumn at the other. Of course autumn is the dead cert in this competition.

At this time I hang on to my shorts and flip flops, to my salad and strawberries, just like I hang on to the way I have been doing business for the past few years and to the way I have been behaving as a daughter, wife and friend. And when I let go….?

We cannot stop the change of the seasons as they are part of our evolution and development, part of the natural order of life.

As seasons change so do we, so do our families and so does our business world. Do you pull the rope against the change or do you let it flow knowing that this is part of our evolution and development and part of the natural order of life?

What happens when you let go?

What examples do you have of letting go and embracing change?

1 thought on “Change – What Happens When You Let Go?

  1. Mary F Reply

    I am enjoying the change of seasons and the beautiful autumnal colours.
    These natural changes provide a good opportunity to reflect on change in general – work and play. Have been noting with interest that if I allow events to unfold in their time and not force change (in my time!), how much more rewarding the project turns out to be!

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