Changing Temperatures

Today I am sitting in my office with the windows wide open at 8 o’clock in the morning. The sun is streaming in and I am planning how I can keep myself cool. The weather forecast says that the temperature could reach 30 degrees today which is amazing.

Only a week or so ago we were experiencing below average temperatures, now they are above average and then expected to be 12 degrees lower tomorrow.

I have been reflecting on how adaptable we are to cope with these changes in temperatures. We adopt techniques to manage changes in our environment. We have heating to cope with the cold and air conditioning to cope with the heat. We have thick warm clothes and layers for cold weather and cool thin cotton and linen for the warm weather.

How do we also adapt to changing and fluctuating conditions in our working environment and our personal environment? What are your coping mechanisms? First of all how in tune are you with changes? What could these changes be? Perhaps:

  • Changing demands in your market place
  • Changes with customers or clients
  • Political, legislative or environmental changes
  • Changing moods of your colleagues, customers and suppliers

What else fluctuates around you and how in tune are you? What is your equivalent of the weather forecast, or even simply looking out of the window to see what the weather is doing?

What are you good at noticing and what do you want to pay more attention to? Raise your awareness levels today and see what you notice.

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