Christmas Planning, Goals and Deadlines

I have just returned from a walk to the local shopping centre which was buzzing with a hive of activity from festive shoppers.

Observing them and myself for a moment made me realise how much we all achieve in so little time in the run up to Christmas. We have cards to write, presents to buy, food to plan and prepare, decorations to put up, concerts to attend and numerous social events both business and personal. Just writing this makes me feel exhausted!

Of course some people are real planners and have all their cards written and presents wrapped before we open the first door on our advent calendars. Others are out shopping on Christmas Eve and wrapping presents at midnight. Or even someone I know who buys presents at the local petrol station on his way to Christmas Day lunch!

The majority of us, though, do most of this in the few weeks leading up to Christmas.

It then occurred to me, if I can manage all of this in the run up to Christmas, what could I learn from this to help me achieve one of my business goals or tasks that I just don’t seem to find the time to work on? If I can do it with my Christmas preparation, then I can do it with that goal too.
So how about you? Could this be true for you too and, if so, what goal or task are you not finding the time to focus on? How can you take your approach to Christmas and apply this to that goal?


Merry Christmas
Christmas scene

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