Clouds of volcanic ash and leadership

A cloud of volcanic ash drifting from Iceland has brought travel within the UK and some of Europe to a standstill. Today is the second day of this problem and we do not know how long this will last for. I imagine that for days and possibly weeks we will be hearing about the disruption this has created for individuals and businesses.

For me this is a reminder of how we are part of a greater system of nature and of our environment. We have learnt to tame and control our environment to an extent while also learning to adapt to our surroundings.

In this example I am talking about environment as the world around us and at an individual level it is about anything from our skin outwards. What is your environment?

Great leaders, whether they are leaders of one (themselves) or of many, are aware of the bigger picture; they are aware of their environment and of their connection with it.

How aware are you of your environment? Take a few moments today to:

  • Look around you and notice your environment and how you interact with it
  • Listen to the world around you whether that is your physical environment or your virtual environment
  • Feel how you are affected by it and how you also influence it.

What have you learnt? How in tune are you with your environment? How connected are you?

Are there any changes you want to make to your environment or your connection with it?

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