From the Bigger Picture to the Granular Detail

Our executive, sales & leadership coaching is practical, focused on results and makes optimum use of your limited time. Develop your talents and enjoy improved business performance. Our bespoke coaching provides insight, builds resilience, develops vital skills, and inspires positive action towards identified results. Our coaching is virtual or in person, and when possible, delivered outdoors as part of our Breath of Fresh Air approach.

Senior Executive Coaching

Senior leadership can be a lonely business and so we provide short term or ongoing but independent coaching that will both challenge and support you and provide a valuable sounding board.

Our executive coaching helps create space and time for facilitated thinking, whether you’re handling a complex situation, working on short-term goals or looking for longer term support.

Leadership & Talent Coaching

You may want to improve performance, develop your mindset, hone in on particular skills such as communications or relationship building or just develop your leadership skills.

Stepping up as a leader requires personal and professional growth and we help you identify, focus on and achieve the results you’re after and fully realise your own potential.

Sales & Sales Leadership Coaching

There will always be pressure on the sales team to perform better. Our strategic sales and sales leadership coaching is designed to help you improve your sales performance and businesses development.

An integral part of our coaching will be to work towards your necessary targets or requirements as well building your own resilience and mental wellbeing.

Transition Coaching

Whatever change you’re facing, it can be daunting whether it’s a step up to leadership, a change of career, or navigating the new post COVID-normal.

Transition coaching provides you with the time and space you need, developing your mindset and inspiring you to take positive action and successfully embrace change.

Team Coaching

Tensions, poor communication and misunderstanding within a team can undermine your whole organisation and its performance.

Whatever your team dynamic, our inclusive team coaching is transformational and will help you to bring out the best in everyone, ensuring a team with a common purpose, strong interpersonal skills, and improved productivity, creativity and engagement.