Executive, sales & leadership coaching is practical, focused on results and makes best use of your limited time. At Breath of Fresh Air, we help business leaders and their teams identify exactly what they want for their business and for their life. Above all, we enable them to achieve it.

Whether you want to develop your personal potential, the ability of your people or take your business to new levels, coaching can help. Executive, sales or leadership coaching is practical. Most importantly, it’s focused on results and it makes optimum use of your limited time.

In business, as in sport, the most successful business people have a coach. The coach helps them to turn their dreams and ambitions into clear and compelling goals, realise their potential and enhance their performance.

The word ‘coaching’ literally means ‘to transport someone from one place to another’. All coaching is about helping the client to move forward in a specified direction. Executive, sales and leadership coaching involves working with individuals to move them forward in a direction that is in line with the goals of the business.

Here are the types of coaching that we provide at Breath of Fresh Air:

Executive Coaching

Coaching for improving the performance of the managers and leaders in a business. Typically, clear outcomes are defined by the person and/or the company for where they want to be within a specific timescale.

Sales and Sales Leadership Coaching

Coaching to enhance sales and business development performance.

Health and Wellbeing Coaching

Coaching for business leaders and sales people to help them cope with the demands of work and life and, therefore, to develop resilience.

Outdoor coaching
Outdoor Coaching

Skills Coaching

One-to-one development sessions to help individuals to develop their skills in sales, sales management, relationships, communication, assertiveness and effective presentations. These skills coaching sessions might form part of a wider learning and development solution.

Transition Coaching

This is about coaching leaders through various work transitions. For instance, this might include moving towards the next career stage, managers and executives who are newly appointed or promoted, exiting the business and retiring.

Breath of Fresh Air® Coaching

This is more about how and where than what. Breath of Fresh Air is any of the above forms of coaching but takes place in the outdoors whilst walking in an inspiring location. The act of walking encourages clear thinking and facilitates a movement in the mind as well as in the body.

What triggers a need for coaching?

Literally anything can trigger a need for coaching and here are the most common that we experience:

  • Promotion or moving into a new role
  • A new task, e.g. presenting for the first time
  • Life changes
  • Performance feedback received
  • Realising that someone is not performing to their full potential
  • New and more stretching objectives
  • Redundancy/career change
  • Career review
  • A difficult working relationship
  • An experience that has led to loss of self-esteem and confidence
  • Preparing for an interview

Benefits of coaching

The benefits of coaching include:

  • Enhanced personal and business performance.
  • Alignment between the goals of a business and its employees.
  • Challenge and motivation from an independent, impartial catalyst.
  • A space to explore what is really important rather than being constantly distracted by ‘fire-fighting’.
  • Positive and sustained action towards desired goals.

How does coaching work?

Every business coaching relationship is different. Some people might only need a single coaching session to address a specific issue and others will need a number of sessions over six to twelve months.

Typically, though, it would involve an initial session as a foundation for the coaching. We would get to know each other, discuss how we will work together and agree what the client wants to achieve from the coaching. This would be followed by between four and six sessions, at regular intervals. Each session would last between half an hour and two hours depending on the needs of the coachee. These coaching sessions can take place in person, via video call or over the telephone and may also involve some coaching via email

Business and executive coaching will often involve a three-way ‘contract’ between the business, coachee and coach. We will agree at the outset what will remain confidential between the coach and coachee and what will be fed back to the business.

Contact us to discuss how coaching would work for you.