Are you looking for communication and interpersonal skills training programmes?

The ability to communicate effectively and to develop and maintain good relationships, both internally and externally, is an essential skill for the success of any individual or business.

We improve business communication and relationship skills to enhance performance. Working with groups and individuals we use a variety of techniques, including NLP and Emotional Intelligence.

Our bespoke in-company training workshops cover the areas of business communication and interpersonal skills, presentation skills and writing at work.

Business Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Poor communication is one of the biggest causes of problems and inefficiencies in the workplace. We specialise in developing verbal, non-verbal and written communication skills that ensure that messages get across in the way that the sender intends and the receiver understands and takes action.

We look at the basics such as questioning and listening skills as well as enhancing existing skills to persuade, influence and inspire.


Bring life into your presentations and public speaking. Learn to present professionally and passionately and speak persuasively. Discover how to make your talks memorable by learning to use visual aids, such as PowerPoint, as your supporting act rather than taking centre stage.

In addition to group workshops we provide ‘just-in-time’ coaching for individuals and teams in preparation for specific presentations.


We are seeing an increasing demand to help businesses train their people in the fundamentals of business writing. We help to ensure that all forms of written communication at work are clear, concise, well-structured and easy to read. We include email etiquette and follow the Plain English Campaigns guidelines.

We work at a more advanced level with senior people who need to write persuasively and are looking for approaches to increase the connection with their readers through internal communication, articles, blog postings and formal proposals.

The people of the world are islands shouting at each other across a sea of misunderstanding.

George Elliot

Outcomes will include:

  • Fewer mistakes
  • Greater customer and client retention
  • Less time-wasting
  • Improved efficiencies
  • Better relationships
  • Less conflict
  • More profit!