Jacqueline helped give clarity to a relationship issue and helped me realise that changing my behaviour with a difficult colleague may change their behaviour towards me. Jacqueline helped to reduce the stress and improve our working relationship in what had been a very difficult one over a number of years

I describe my time at DC as being ‘pre Jacqueline’ and ‘post Jacqueline’ as she completely changed the way in which I thought about things – more like a business woman and less like a lawyer. Anyway, the turnover went from £0 to £1 million in three years, so she must have said something that stuck!

Don’t let her pleasant and approachable style fool you – she is both – but with a very sharp business brain.

Thank you for all your help in the last couple of months, I feel we’ve made more progress than I imagined was possible. No mean feat.

Jacqueline provided us with business development training which was very well received and which has helped us move our business forward. The training was focused and enjoyable but perhaps even more than this, we have appreciated Jacqueline’s ongoing interest in our business and continued support and encouragement. We would have (and have had) no hesitation in recommending her.

A fantastic way to meet like minded people without the constraints of a normal networking event. Experiencing this in beautiful countryside and along with fantastic weather allows you to clear your mind and put a bounce back in your step.

A fantastic course, well instructed and on the money.

A renewed sense of focus, achieved by an afternoon spent giving myself the space and time to feel more connected to my surroundings, enabling a feeling of reconnecting with who I am and what I want to achieve. Truly, “a breath of fresh air “!

We all question ourselves from time to time. However, it was great to have the opportunity to be coached by someone who helps you focus, and asks you that one extra question to help you delve that little bit deeper and get the true answers!

Jacqueline was very approachable and coached us well throughout our walk. Leading us literally and also metaphorically towards our goals.

Jacqueline is a motivational and experienced Coach and I have no hesitation in recommending her work both on a one to one basis and in a group situation. Working with Jacqueline has only had positive results and she is a pleasure to have on the team so to speak.