Daffodils in December – Environmental Changes and Flexibility

On one of my walks during the Christmas break – between the downpours and sometimes during them! – I noticed a tree bursting into blossom, the bobbing yellow heads of daffodils and the vibrant green growth on weeping willows. This is what I would expect to see in April rather than December.

The weather experts have reported that we have had the warmest December since records began in 1910.

It certainly is wonderful to see these signs of spring and I am reminded of how sensitive nature is to changes in the environment and how responsive it is to those changes.
Once again I am wondering what we can learn from nature.

How well do you adapt to the changing weather, adding a coat and layers when it is cold and wearing lighter clothes when it is warmer?

This is about being sensitive to our natural environment and having an awareness of what is going on around us so that we can adapt accordingly. We are part of nature and have the innate ability to adapt with it.

Applying this to business, your organisation’s environment is multi-faceted and will probably include the economic, technological, cultural and political environment. Within your business your environment will include your physical surroundings and the people you work with.


If you like models you might like to consider PESTLE:

  • Political
  • Environmental
  • Sociological
  • Technological
  • Legal
  • Economic

Going back to my question, “what can we learn from nature?” for me it is that plants are keenly aware of and in tune with their environment and quick to respond to any changes.

In business it is about:

  • Understanding the environments that we operate in
  • Developing a strong awareness of these environments
  • Being flexible and quick to adapt
  • Handling change with ease

What is the learning for you?

If this blog has made you realise that this is an area that you want to improve, let’s have a chat about how executive & sales coaching would help you and your business.

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