How Deep Are Your Roots?

What amazing weather we have had this autumn. It feels in many ways that the autumn has only just started as the summer lasted so long – I can’t believe I am saying that!

Not only have we had an amazing summer but now the trees are ablaze in fiery autumn colours. I love this quote by Albert Camus that I discovered this week:

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

Many of these trees have held tightly onto their leaves despite the storm that battered the country recently.

I have noticed a number of trees that have sadly been wrenched from the ground. They lie majestically with their roots naked to the air, still clinging resolutely to their leaves. It is the shallowness of these roots combined with the softness of the ground, the bulkiness of their leaf-laden branches and the strength of the gales that has left each tree prostrate like a gladiator slain by combatant’s sword.

Seeing these uprooted trees has made me reflect on the importance of strong and deep roots for us as well as for trees. With them we can sway in the breeze and are resilient to any hurricanes that come our way.

We have been working recently with many organisations that have been strengthening their roots by up skilling their people. I have also been coaching business owners and executives to become more grounded by strengthening their physical and emotional resilience and rediscovering their vision and purpose.

How are you strengthening your roots?

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