Developing Sales Leadership

Learn why it is important to develop your sales leadership capabilities whether you are a new or experienced Sales Director or Manager.

You are a sales leader because you have the responsibility for ensuring that your sales targets are met, whether your title is Sales Director, Sales Manager or not. You are responsible for achieving your targets through managing other people within your organisation.

So why would you need some support?

It can take courage to reach out for support because in many situations, historically, you have been expected to do the work. You have been expected to just naturally be able to lead your team and deliver those targets. I am not talking about support to develop your sales skills but about sales leadership and management skills – the ability to motivate and develop your people, to be able to run really effective sales meetings and to deal with tough situations such as an under-performing salesperson or a person or department that is not providing the support needed.

Whether you are new to your role or have been doing it for a number of years, there is always room for to be better and more effective especially as sales targets increase year on year. You need to improve your ability as a sales manager and leader to deliver those targets.

Some people are natural leaders

You may have been promoted to your role as a sales leader for your sales abilities, but this does not necessarily mean that you are a good leader or manager. Some people can do it naturally – it is a bit like being a parent. Some people take to it very naturally others need help in terms of parenting skills through support, advice, mentoring, classes or books to read.

I said earlier that it can take courage to reach out for support. It is also the sign of a strong leader to show that you are willing to learn to be even better at what you do.

What are your development areas for the next 12 months and what is the best way for you to fulfil them?

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