Different Perspectives

I have a new bench in my garden, just next to my greenhouse and overlooking a spot that I can’t see from the house. Sitting on this seat, my garden looks so different. The plants, the shapes and the colours look different, it feels different and it sounds different.

I now have four places to sit and observe, to think, to read or to chat and the look, feel and sound of my garden varies in each spot. My thoughts can vary too and if I want a different perspective I will move seats.

In business, and in life, having different positions to see a situation from can help us to make decisions, solve problems, and develop relationships or just to see the bigger picture. These spots can be physical places or states of mind. They can be certain people to talk to or imagined conversations with role models or mentors.

Take time to find and use the various positions in your business, or life, ‘garden’ to give you fresh thinking and take you in new directions.

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