The Excitement of Business Planning

March is planning time for me – business and garden planning. My new financial year starts on the 1st April, as it may for many of you too, and so I am reviewing my strategy, deciding what I want to achieve next year and developing both sales and cash flow forecasts.

At the same time, gardening catalogues are landing on my doormat to entice me to order all sorts of edible and non-edible seeds and plants. I start to dream of the beautiful display of flowers and foliage that I will be able to admire on a warm summer’s day, from a comfortable seat beneath the shade of our tree. My mouth waters from the anticipation of the strong, fresh flavour of the salad, fruit and vegetables plucked from the soil in our own back yard.

The thought of business planning does not excite me as much as garden planning, until I start also to dream of the executives that will achieve their goals and handle challenging situations with ease as a result of my executive coaching. Of the businesses that will grow as a result of our training and consultancy and of the individuals who are flourishing and realising their potential as a result of our guidance. My mouth now waters in anticipation of this too…

Then business planning becomes exciting and I am far more likely, not only to develop the plan, but also to implement it once I am engaged in this way.

How do you engage and become excited with your business and your business planning process? How then do you excite and engage your people?

If you would like some help with this, give me a shout and we can take a look around your garden together.

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