Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future

On the 14th December a group of us gathered at Savill Gardens, Windsor for our Christmas Breath of Fresh Air® – one of the regular sessions for individuals that we run during the year.

We walked in a circuit through some of the parkland feeling the crisp, calm air, looking at the contrasting colours of the winter landscape – lush green of the grass, dark browns of the bare tree branches and the reddish-browns of the bracken and fallen leaves. We heard the stillness in the air disturbed only by the occasional squawk of a bird or the crunching of bark and leaves beneath our feet.

As we walked, we explored our theme of celebrate, review and learn.

The Ghost of Christmas Past

We began by looking back at our successes and achievements of the past year. As you are reading this take a few moments (or better still go for a short walk) and think backwards through 2009 and acknowledge all your successes. Then:

Identify at least three things from this year about yourself that you are proud of.

  1. What qualities, skills and attributes do you have that contributed towards these successes? What is it about you that enabled you to create these successes?
  2. Now write them down somewhere safe.

Look out for the Ghost of Christmas Present in the next few days…

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