In the news – putting a spring in your step

There has been a lot in the press and news recently about the health benefits of walking and getting close to nature. Thanks to all of you who have been sending me links to various articles, the latest being one on the BBC website called ‘Putting a spring in your step’. This article builds upon the theory that walking is good for your health by saying that the combination of walking, green open space and getting close to nature to connect with your roots improve our health both physically and mentally. Read the full article here:

If this helps individuals then it will also most certainly help businesses who, after all, are usually a group of individuals who have come together to work towards a common goal. When thinking about a business and an office environment, I typically think of a concrete building in a city or town centre, offices or rows of desks, artificial light and air-conditioning. Office workers arrive early in the morning, sit at their desks and work on computers or attend meetings often working through their lunch and leave late in the day.

I know that some people are luckier than this, perhaps they work on a business park where they can see green, open space from their windows but even so they don’t necessarily go out into it.

I believe passionately that by bringing a Breath of Fresh Air™ into businesses they will be healthier, stronger and more successful. Let’s get people to take a break at lunchtime and go for a short walk; let’s hold meetings and discussions in productive and creative environments, perhaps in the open air; let’s be inspired by connecting with our roots and our environment; let’s put a spring into the step of businesses – that’s where we come in…

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