Developing your top talent

In order to successfully grow your business, developing your managers and leaders should always be a priority, whether that’s by developing your current talent and future leaders or in order to attract new talent.

To help you achieve this, we offer bespoke leadership and management training and coaching programmes. Our programmes are specifically designed to develop the skills and mindset that are needed to realise your leader’s full potential as well as help them to develop their resilience in preparation for the inevitable challenges of senior leadership.

Your Connected Leadership Programme

Tailor-made around the needs of your company, this flagship programme helps develop your top talent so that they not only fulfil their potential but also develop into a dynamic and influential team that will deliver both strategy and results.

Connected leadership is appropriate for both leaders and managers and is about ensuring they have a clear vision and purpose and are able to connect with and inspire those they lead. It involves developing a deeper understanding of self and personal strengths, and developing greater emotional intelligence in order to improve your leader’s ability to build a rapport and influence their team. It also involves developing the ability to adapt to the many different environments senior leadership will encounter.

Delivering the skills you need

Our Connected Leadership Programmes cover a spectrum of topics to develop your team’s leadership and management skills. These include developing and understanding the difference between management and leadership, communication skills, motivation, delegation, goal setting and feedback, and developing a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Our programmes are both inspiring and practical and can also include personality profiling, 360-degree feedback, action learning and peer support groups, leadership development and working on specific business improvement projects depending on your requirements.

A blended approach

Designed around the unique needs of your organisation, our leadership development programmes take a blended approach, and can combine both virtual and in person, coaching and workshops. As with all our work, where possible we encourage our highly effective Breath of Fresh Air ® outdoor approach.