Lessons from snow – leading change

The snow is thawing and most of the roads are back to normal so that we can travel once again at the sorts of speeds we are used to. The temperature is rising and it is not so bitterly cold.

Change is happening and it feels like we can progress quickly and with momentum.

As I have been driving and walking around I have been noticing these changes and then also see that some of the smaller roads are still icy and dangerous and the pavements are slippery and hazardous.

As we move in these places we need to still proceed slowly, cautiously and thoughtfully. Perhaps some roads we should not venture down at all.

When we are leading and managing change in business and have started on our journey we often reach the point where we want to move into fifth gear to travel at maximum speed. Perhaps others around us are not confident yet that the road is safe and not icy. Perhaps some are joining us from a side road or are walking along the pavement where it is still slippery and hazardous.

How can you as a leader ensure that you are aware of where your people are in this landscape, checking that they are confident to travel at the same speed as you and clearing the ice, snow and other hazards away for their comfort and safety? Perhaps you can give them the tools to do that for themselves and also give them the support, guidance and time that they need.

The lessons:

  1. be aware that your team may not be as ready to move forward with the change as you are
  2. know where your people are, how they are feeling and what they need to help them through the change
  3. remove as many barriers to change as you can
  4. give your team the tools that they need
  5. support, encourage and motivate them

Have a safe and successful journey!

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