Loud Silence – Part Three

As part of our Breath of Fresh Air® approach when working with a group we often spend part of our journey walking in silence and I am fascinated by the reaction I get. Sometimes we get the gigglers, sometimes we get the whisperers and sometimes we get the people who say “can we do this for longer because I don’t want this to stop.”

I find it an amazing experience to be leading a group as they settle in to the silence and begin to become comfortable with it. As they walk, they notice the intricacies of the world around them. They notice the activity of the wildlife, the dew on the grass, the birdsong, the scent of the flowers and the colours of the berries.

I can see and feel their minds settling as they connect with nature. Their cognitive overload is silenced allowing them to hear their inner thoughts.

If you have ever experienced a time with another person or with a group when you have stayed in a period of comfortable silence, you will know how powerful this is. It shows deep respect for each other.

Perhaps next time when you experience one of those moments when someone else is going through a challenging time and your instinct is to say “I really don’t know what to say” then don’t say anything. Give them your presence and your silence as a gift.

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