Monday Mornings

It is Monday morning again and how do I feel? After the initial shock of the alarm going off and waking up two hours earlier than on Sunday my reaction is “great it’s Monday morning”.

You may be surprised that I am thinking that way – perhaps you don’t like Monday morning. As I am writing this the lyrics from the Boomtown Rats hit “I don’t like Mondays comes to mind”.

Well I do like Mondays and what is it like for me in my world? Monday morning is like starting the next chapter of a book, it is like heading off on the next leg of a journey and it is like walking out into my garden after I have been away for a few days.

As I walk around my garden I admire those plants that are flourishing and the parts of my garden that are growing well and don’t need any work done on them. I also identify a few jobs to be done, some weeds to be removed, some branches to be cut back, the lawn to be mown and some new seeds to be sown.

I am a planner and so on a Monday morning I enjoy wandering around the garden of my life and my business, exploring what areas need attention this week. I consider what actions I need to take, what ongoing work I have to do, what relationships I need to nurture, what maintenance work I need to do and what new seeds I need to sow to create new opportunities.

It is not only because I am a planner that I love Mondays so much, it is because I love my work and it is because I have a purpose – to release the potential in myself and others and to enable people and businesses recognise and realise their dreams.

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