A Negative or a Positive Impression?

At Breath of Fresh Air® we work with a number of business partners whose skills compliment ours. Marketing is one of the areas that fits with the sales and business growth side of our business. Jane Brocklebank is one of our marketing partners and here is a guest blog from her:

I recently had to collect a parcel from the post office collection office, and while I was waiting, spotted the following notices, typed in large capital letters:

We DO NOT accept parcels after 6pm

I was immediately left with a sense that they didn’t want to serve any customers and wished everybody would just go home and leave them alone. While this may be true, it didn’t strike me as very friendly. How much better it would have been to say

Stamps are available at the following post offices nearby …
We are happy to accept your parcels until 6pm
Unfortunately we cannot accept FREEPOST parcels – you can drop them off at the following places …

The moral of the story?
If you have to provide negative information, try and phrase it in a positive way.

If you would like to know more about Jane and the work that she does, you can contact her at jane@janebrocklebank.co.uk or visit her website www.janebrocklenbank.co.uk .

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