Network Your Way to Success: Discover the Secrets of the World’s Top Connectors

Network Your Way To Success By John Timperley, Piatkus Books: ISBN 0749922834

Network Your Way to Success is a compendium of helpful tips and techniques that aims to help you to become a polished ‘connector’. While none of the advice is particularly startling or original, the book forms a useful introduction to (or refresher on) the dos and don’ts of successful networking.

To those who are wary of networking – too manipulative or much like selling, perhaps – John Timperley points out that it simply means getting to know people, listening to them and sharing something of yourself. If this leads on to a mutually beneficial relationship, all well and good; at worst, you’ll have had a friendly exchange.

Topics covered in the book include…

  • Identifying your preferred style – are you an extrovert or introvert networker?
  • Preparing to make the most of networking events
  • Mixing and mingling – suggestions for the inexperienced or nervous networker
  • Summarising (‘previewing’) what you do in a 30-second introduction
  • Handing out your business card for maximum effect
  • Remembering contacts’ names and key details
  • Brushing up your table manners and business etiquette

There’s more than a hint of NLP in the author’s approach and I hope, dear reader, that you are reading this with your finger placed on your cheek (showing interest) rather than in your collar (indicating discomfort with the message)!

Previously a marketing director with PricewaterhouseCoopers, John Timperley has some perceptive observations on companies which fail to maximise the opportunities presented by corporate events. It should be required reading for anyone who invests time and budget in

organising a seminar or other hospitality and then leaves prospects and customers to fend for themselves.

John Timperley’s approach is founded on common-sense; his style assured and conversational. ‘Try this’ exercises encourage the reader to put the theory into practice whether communicating in print, on the phone, on the web or face to face. He points out that you already have hundreds (thousands?) of contacts that you’re not using to best advantage. – a view which I’m sure Jacqueline would endorse!

Network Your Way To Success


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