NLP at Work – Third Edition – The Essence of Excellence

NLP at Work – Third Edition – The Essence of Excellence By Sue Knight, Nicholas Brealey Publishing ISBN: 978-1857885293

When I opened my copy of Sue Knight’s new book for the first time I was curious to see how Sue could have improved on previous versions. What else could I learn and how would I benefit as I had already read her second edition and attended her programmes?

Sue was the first person to apply neuro linguistic programming (NLP) within the business world and has a very practical approach. She herself says that the title, NLP at Work, is “deliberately ambiguous” and what you learn from the book can be applied in all aspects of our lives.

There is a great deal in this book for both newcomers to NLP and experienced practitioners. For newcomers you will find a clear and comprehensive introduction to NLP. Sue defines it as “The study of excellence” and “A process of modelling the conscious and unconscious patterns that are unique to each of us in such a way that we are continuously moving toward a higher potential.”

Sue’s style is practical, personal and simple with a minimum of jargon. As I read Sue’s words I can hear her speak them and she writes in a fluid, rich way using language that engages all our senses. The book is clearly laid-out in bite-size chunks and adorned with personal anecdotes and metaphors that enhance the reader’s experience and learning. Practical exercises – thought provokers – encourage you to get involved and apply the learning to your own experience.

And what about the experienced practitioner and particularly someone who has read an earlier edition? Sue has updated every chapter and her messages and insights have evolved as her own learning has evolved and the book now reflects on Sue’s cross-cultural work and application of NLP. The three new chapters on humour, clean questions and time are especially enlightening. In the chapter on time Sue encourages us to think about our beliefs about time, for example:

  • You have all the time in the world
  • Time flies
  • Your time is not your own
  • Time is short – you must get on
  • Time is a gift

And how we can change our beliefs about time to change the quality of our experiences and “achieve true excellence”.

My only criticism of NLP at Work is that it is a bit big for carrying around in my briefcase to read while travelling. I can cope with this because of the benefits I gain from reading it.NLP at Work

This book is inspiring for NLP newcomers and practitioners and one that I will always keep nearby to dip into every now and again. There is something for everyone to learn whether you are a team leader or a team member, a sales person or a buyer, a parent, a friend or a spouse.

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