Positive Mental Attitude

Watching this year’s Pride of Britain Awards last night with a box of tissues by my side, I was reminded how strong, courageous and self-less people are.

Many of those receiving awards had suffered themselves and are now helping others who are suffering. Jake Peach is a fantastic example. This twelve year old boy was in a coma as a result of leukaemia a year ago and had to learn to walk again. A year on he has already managed to raise £130,000 for Great Ormond Street hospital.

Jake attributed his recovery to having a positive mental attitude and I see him as positive, pro-active, grateful for what he has and with a big heart. What can we all learn from Jake?

Recovering from recession, whether at a personal, corporate, national or global level, needs positive mental attitude, courage, pro-activity and a warm heart too. With interest rates at an all time low in the UK and the FTSE 100 bouncing back we need to:

  • Be grateful for what we have
  • Take courageous steps – including making small investments in our businesses
  • Be pro-active, take control and focus on the things we can do rather than the things we can’t
  • Take others with us in our recovery

Even some of the most positive people may be feeling challenged by the affects of the recession and by continuing messages from some of the media who seem to be pouring cold water on reports of flames of recovery.

If you need a boost and want to re-ignite your flame, recharge your positive mental attitude and take steps to recovery, contact me to explore how I can support you.

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