Positive Thinking

Even some of the most positive of people are currently feeling challenged by all the doom and gloom being fed to us by the media and in their real experience as they feel the impact of the recession.

If we spend most of our time surrounded by negativity it will impact on the way in which we ourselves think. Our thinking is affected by exposure to external influences such as friends and colleagues, newspapers, television and radio.

The way in which we think has a direct impact on our behaviour and ultimately on what we achieve. If somebody is told many times that they won’t be able to do something, guess what, they can’t do it.

We have a choice to think either positively or negatively and it is those with positive outlooks that are thriving right now and will lead us out of recession.

I can’t change the whole economy but what I can do is help you to keep positive and keep you and your business healthy over the next few months. Come along to our next Breath of Fresh Air ® on October 16th when we will be exploring this topic and what we can do.

Is your glass half full or half empty? Are you facing problems or challenges? Do you see what is wrong with your business, your colleagues and your marketplace or do you see what is right? Do you need some help in protecting yourself from negative influences and in developing or reinforcing a positive mindset?

During our autumn Breath of Fresh Air® let’s explore how we can maintain a positive outlook and the benefits that this can bring us in our life. Let’s look at how we can top up our glasses and turn problems and challenges into opportunities. We will create some time and space for you to think and to reach new heights in your business and your life.

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