Precious Time

Do you waste time? Time is very precious and do we take it for granted or perhaps even waste it?

Chris, my husband, had major eye surgery last week and for 5 days after the operation he had to spend 50 minutes in every hour with his face down, parallel to the floor. For the remaining 10 minutes he had to fit in eating, drinking, washing, dressing and anything else that he needed to do.

This created such a focus on those precious 10 minutes . He looked forward to the break and we would plan what had to be done as well as what he wanted to do. It was such a great lesson in prioritising and making the most of every minute.

During this regime I appreciated my ability to plan down to the smallest detail such as when to boil the kettle so that a cup of tea would be at perfect drinking temperature for those 10 minutes.

Events like this place a spotlight on our normal lives and mine is now on how we use every moment of every day. How we make the most of them and appreciate them.

What if I could do anything I want for 10 minutes of every hour, what would I do? And how much can I achieve? What is the most important thing?

It was also appropriate that during this period we were listening to the radio and heard Pause for Thought on Chris Evan’s Breakfast Show. The key message that day was that you cannot choose how or when you will die; you can choose how you will live.

You can choose how you spend your time when you are alive.

What will you choose to do in the next 10 minutes?

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