Prioritising and Christmas

The build up to Christmas is a busy time in a world where we seem to be becoming busier and busier every year.

In our personal lives we are writing cards buying, wrapping and distributing presents, attending school performances and Christmas parties. We attempt to see a multitude of friends and family in our “we must catch up before Christmas” mode. And that is all before the big day itself.

Then along comes the snow or a bout of illness and we suddenly can’t do everything. So how do we choose what is really important? How much do we do because we have always done it or we feel we “ought to” rather than we “want to”? There is a danger that we slip into task focus rather than people focus.

Take a moment to think – what is really important to me? Then what is really, really important?

The same is often the case in business particularly if you are closing off one year and planning and budgeting for the next. With just a few days before the Christmas break, or until the start of the New Year if you are working during the Christmas break, what is really important?

By remembering what is really important you will be guided in how to prioritise what you are doing.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas doing and being what is really important to you.

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