Rapid Result Referrals – Powerful Tips and Ideas to Boost your Sales

Rapid Result Referrals – Powerful Tips and Ideas to Boost your Sales by Roy Sheppard

Anyone who has attended a Roy Sheppard seminar will know he has confidence in spades, so if your energy is flagging, this book could be just the inspiration you need. Its premise is that it’s time to jettison the very British attitude that asking your friends, clients, customers and associates for referrals is naff or needy. In today’s over-crowded business world, shrinking violets, wall-flowers and other reticent horticultural species need not apply.

Occasionally the advice is a bit cheesy – do we really need to be told to carry ‘business cards, a note-pad and breath freshener’ with us? But taken as a whole, ‘Rapid Result Referrals’ is peppered with tips that are as useful to the sole practitioner or consultant as to people working in a corporate environment.

Here are three ideas picked at random:

  • Get out more! Attend more industry functions and general business events.
  • Offer to do a skills or knowledge swap with key contacts.
  • Adopt an ‘abundance mentality’ – actively seeking opportunities to give referrals prepares the ground for you to receive more.

Sprinkled with quotes (I particularly liked: “The word is ‘network’, not ‘net-sit’, ‘net-eat’ or ‘net- drink’”), the book packs a lot of principles and practice into a small space. The style is chatty, even gossipy, and Roy has a refreshingly ethical approach.

Although he would say that you should always be on the alert to seek and offer referrals, if business is in a lull reading this book could prove a great motivator. It’s one to dip into, scribble in and generally use as a resource for building your business.

‘Rapid Result Referrals’ is available from Roy’s own publishing house, Centre Publishing, at £9.99. Visit Roy Sheppard

Rapid Result Referrals

This book review was written by Margaret Cain of M Squared Corporate Communications.

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