Regaining Perspective

Yesterday I ventured to Savill Gardens to prepare for our Christmas Breath of Fresh Air and to walk the route. When I am preparing in this way I start with this preparation as my initial purpose and always know that I will benefit in other ways too because I am taking my own Breath of Fresh Air®. Yesterday was no exception.

I set out at 3pm making the most of the last hour of daylight. I was wrapped in several layers as the temperature was below freezing and it felt to me like I had been transported into a calm, motionless movie set in which I was the sole actor. The ground was crispy with a few remaining patches of snow and the bare trees stood proudly above the green of the grass and the brown of the earthy pathways.

As I walked I felt my mind clearing from all the chatter and clutter of the many “need to do” tasks and expanding just as my vision was expanding to see the sky and the horizon. I took in some gulps of air and could feel my chest expanding too and the air flowing through my body and my brain and clearing out the stale energy.

At times I could feel myself being pulled into my internal thoughts and once I was aware of this, I focused more on my surroundings and being in the present moment. Gradually I reconnected with my environment and nature and at the same time reconnected with myself.

During my walk I was joined by three robins, or at least I think that they were three different robins, and each hopped along beside me for a while. These seasonal companions reminded me of how much we can miss when we are caught up in our own thoughts and also the busyness of life. They also reminded me of the blogs I wrote after our December Breath of Fresh Air last year.

Finally at the end of my walk I noticed a bench by the lake. On the bench were some poppies and a poem. The poem was from a mother who had lost her son in Afghanistan. If I hadn’t already regained my perspective on what is important, that certainly propelled me from the minutia of the blades of grass to the stars in the universe.

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