Only a few weeks ago I was looking out of my window at my garden and everything looked parched. My lawn was brown and gold like straw and looked dead. How could it ever recover?

In fact I was listening to a programme on the radio the other day and I heard that sales of artificial turf have soared this year partly as some people either think that their grass has died or they want a green lawn all year.

Now I am looking out at a lush green lawn and marvelling at the resilience of grass and the lessons we can learn about resilience generally.

Grass is tough, it copes with frost and snow, heat and sun, rain and wind and grows stronger the more it is cut.

For me resilience is about keeping going whatever is thrown at us and is about moving forward on our journey even if sometimes our path is blocked. How do we do this?

o        We are clear of where we want to get to – we have a clear and compelling vision and we can imagine what it is like to achieve it.

o        We believe that we will move forward – just like I believe that my grass will grow again and there is something in the DNA of the grass that knows to bounce back when the conditions are right.

o        We have patience to wait until the time and conditions are right.

o        We can see the bigger picture and how we fit into it. Just like grass is part of the bigger picture of the seasons.

What else do you think is key to being resilient? I would love to know what makes your grass grow lush and green and if you are going through a dry patch what is in your DNA to help you bounce back and what in your environment will help you?

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