Running faster to stand still? How to be more productive at work – Bring a Breath of Fresh Air into your business (and into your life)

Do you feel you’re working ever harder for less return and wish you could be more productive? Working days seem to be getting longer and longer. Out of the office no longer means out of touch; mobiles and remote access to company networks have seen to that. But does this constant ‘presenteeism’ really equal greater productivity? Perhaps in the short term, but long term it leads to dwindling energy levels and even burn for both the individual and the organisation.

So, do you allow yourself time to relax, re-energise and be creative? Do you give yourself time and space to solve problems and challenges or make plans to move towards your goals?

For me, I’m able to think most clearly when I am relaxed, outdoors in the fresh air, on my own or in conversation with others, and particularly when I am walking. If I want to think something through or come up with some new ideas I go for a walk. I put on my thinking boots.

The movement of walking energises, gets the blood flowing through the body and brain. Inspiration and exercise at the same time!

Having experienced these benefits personally and seen the results among my clients, I formed the concept of Breath of Fresh Air which is about bringing together a group of people (or working with individuals) out into an inspiring location such as Virginia Water, Dinton Pastures or Cliveden and taking them for a facilitated walk, during which I create a framework by offering topics for discussion as we go along. These would typically include general introductions and networking, current challenges and issues, goals, dreams and aspirations.

The walkers listen and offer coaching and advice to each other. Walking groups change as we move through the route and so plenty of networking happens, too.

What can you do to bring a Breath of Fresh Air into your business and into your life? Take a break, go for a walk, switch off your phone from time to time, go and talk to your colleague instead of sending an email, take some exercise, listen to some music, change your working environment with colours and pictures that work for you. You will be delighted at how much more productive you will be.

To help to make these changes, why not put on your thinking boots and come and join me for a 1:1 Breath of Fresh Air or ask me about running a Breath of Fresh Air for your business. Contact me, Jacqueline Harris on 01189690783 or at for full details.

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