S.U.M.O: Shut Up, Move On: The Straight-Talking Guide to Creating and Enjoying a Brilliant Life

S.U.M.O: Shut Up, Move On: The Straight-Talking Guide to Creating and Enjoying a Brilliant Life by By Paul McGee, Capstone Publishing: ISBN 1841126632

There I was knife in mouth attempting to survive the bustling, frenetic, cut-throat world otherwise known as WH Smith Victoria Station in rush-hour, when I caught sight of the words “Shut Up & Move On” emblazoned below the Business Book of the Month.

Well I am eternally grateful I did.

For me what Paul McGee does in 148 pages, is to make you stand-back, take a realistic look at yourself, accept what you see, discover ways in which to positively change, and empower you to change!

Having met Paul, it is of great testament to him that he has taken what life threw at him and converted this into principles that help to create and enjoy a brilliant life for others.

The Six SUMO principles are:

  1. Change Your T-Shirt. Take responsibility for your own life. (Remove the Victim T- shirt).
  2. Develop Fruity Thinking. Take charge of your thinking. (Thinking affects Emotions, which in turn affect Actions, which always leads to Results). When you change your thinking, you ultimately change your results. We need help overcoming ‘Faulty Thinking’ which brings about undesirable results.
  3. Hippo Time is OK. Understand how setbacks affect you and how to recover from them. (We all need time to wallow a little….. just be careful how long it lasts).
  4. Remember the Beach ball. Increase your understanding and awareness of other people’s worlds. (What colours you see of a huge beach ball depends on your perspective). This will help to bring about more successful relationships.
  5. Learn Latin. Change comes through action not intention. (Carpé Diem, seize the day). Exploring how to overcome our tendency to put things off.
  6. Ditch Doris Day. Create your own future rather than leave it to chance. (Forget the attitude que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be). How to make your time on this planet the best that it can be.

The style of the writing is accessible, self-deprecating, and humorous in the right places. The book is littered with simple analogies, metaphors and ideas that assist the reader.

Paul McGee says that SUMO is meant to be a challenging, thought provoking and memorable message.
For me it was, and I am eternally grateful – thanks Paul.


This book review was written by Carl Dolan of Appleyards Consulting

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