Sales tips from a gardener

I have been spending the last few weekends clearing out the spring growth in my garden to make way for my summer bedding plants. I have cleared the bluebell flower heads, the daffodils and tulips and cut back the shrubs such as the forsythia which gave me such pleasure a few months ago.

These will appear to delight me again next year and the work that I have done in pruning and tidying now will ensure a great display next year.

For now I have been planting marigolds, salvia and asters which I have been nurturing from seed since March. I am also growing edible delights such as lettuce, strawberries and tomatoes.

On reviewing my handiwork I see the comparisons between this gardening activity and business growth and sales:

• Removing prospects from our pipeline Every so often we need to clear out potential clients (dead growth) that are not going anywhere to allow space for developing relationships with new potential clients.
• Managing client relationships We need to pay attention to existing clients so that they will continue to work with us either immediately or when a need arises.
• Regular sales activity We need to regularly bring in new potential clients to nurture just like the seeds that I have been sowing a few at a time since March.
• Sales activity when we are busy with clients We need to start developing and attracting new clients while we are still working with others (our garden is full) because it will take a while for them to grow into clients and by then we will have space for them.

Pay attention to all of these and your garden will be abundant all of the time. If you want some help in implementing these ideas contact me to see how we can help you.

Looking forward to an abundance of flowers

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