Spring Forward

Spring has arrived and is unfurling in all its glory. The snowdrops and crocuses have faded away, at least in south-east England, the daffodils are standing proudly aloft and my garden is the fresh green and yellow theatre of early spring.

If you are a natural hibernator during winter, now is the time to climb out of your burrow, take a fresh look around and step out into your surroundings.

With the clocks changing and the short working weeks either side of Easter, what a fantastic time to bring a Breath of Fresh Air® into your working life and your home life.

Breath of Fresh Air® at work – we are all more productive when we take regular breaks, move away from our desks and computers and breathe in some fresh air. Here are some ideas to get you started at work, whether you are in the office or walking from home:

  • Take a walk at lunchtime on your own or with colleagues. A simple walk around the block will refresh you. Where possible find some green space.
  • Walk around the office to speak to a colleague rather than sending an email.
  • Walking meetings – need to have a one-to-one conversation with a colleague, supplier or client? How about going out for a walk – you will be amazed at how productive it can be? You could also do this virtually!
  • Keep a coat, comfortable shoes and an umbrella handy to experience the satisfaction of walking in the rain.
  • Need to be creative? Take a walk inside or outside to allow your mind and body to work as one.

Breath of Fresh Air® at home – need some encouragement to get outside?

  • Involve family and friends, take a walk in the park, walk to the shop, pub or restaurant, visit a National Trust property or find your local river, beach, lake or hill.
  • Want someone to walk with – try the Ramblers Association
  • Looking for ideas of where to walk – try www.go4awalk.com , the AA website and www.walkingpages.co.uk .

Walking is one of the cheapest forms of exercise we can have and what a wonderful way to connect with our neighbourhood, our countryside and our environment. Exercise your mind and body at the same time to improve your health and wellbeing.

As you are walking this spring notice the subtle changes in your surroundings as the days get longer and warmer. Notice the changes in yourself too.

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