Sun on your face

As I write I can see dark clouds broody overhead and the temperature is dropping. The unexpected heat wave that we have enjoyed across most of the UK like an advert for summer is ending and it looks like typical April weather is returning.

At least I feel that I have made the most of the sunshine. I abandoned all indoor work over the weekend and took to the garden for almost the entire time. Plants that I would only normally see fleetingly I could linger over and enjoy in all their detail.

How did you react? Did you seize the opportunity to enjoy the weather or did you miss it because other things were more important or urgent in your life? I appreciate that some things cannot just be abandoned when the weather changes such as visiting a loved one in hospital or tickets for the theatre or cinema that have been booked in advance.

Perhaps for some, though, it may have seemed impossible just to stop for five minutes to feel the sun on their face – I wonder…. I suppose it depends what is really important.

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