Take a Breath of Fresh Air® to ward off colds and flu

Looking around my garden I see leaves littering the bright green lawn while others cling to the trees as if they are not yet ready to let go of summer. Vibrant orange marigolds and red geraniums are still shouting out in all their glory reminding me of warm sunny days while mist hangs in the air wrapping the garden in a soft cloak on this chilly November morning.

At this time of year it seems that we have only just packed away our suitcases from our summer holidays, “oohed and aahed” at all the fireworks and suddenly our thoughts turn to Christmas. Where has the daylight suddenly gone to?

This is a busy time of year for so many and it can seem like the hours disappear just like the daylight. We are planning Christmas parties at work and at home, buying Christmas presents and at the same time many are working hard to fulfil their performance targets and plan for 2010.

Caught up in this flurry of activity we can forget to look after ourselves and so find ourselves run down and prone to catch colds or even flu. To be able to be at our best both at home and at work we need to remember to look after ourselves and what better way than to grab a few minutes of precious daylight and take a short walk and breathe in some fresh air. Get out of your air-conditioned office or car and centrally-heated house and take in some lungs full of air, energise your body and clear your mind and you will be even more effective in everything you do.

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