Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

Fernando Bonaventura

We design and facilitate team development workshops that make a difference to businesses and their results. Whether yours is a new, restructured or established team we will help you to bring out the best in everyone, play to individual strengths and work effectively together to achieve extraordinary performance.

Your challenges might include:

  • Tensions within and between teams and individuals
  • Problems bringing in new people
  • Working as individuals rather than teams
  • Blaming others rather than taking personal responsibility for improvement
  • Poor communication
  • Understanding how to work effectively as a virtual team
  • Working to different agendas

Your objectives might be to:

  • Encourage the team to think of the bigger picture and work towards a common purpose
  • Build relationships and to appreciate the roles that other team members have
  • Break down barriers between teams
  • Behave as a team in accordance with your corporate values
  • Encourage teams and individuals to take initiative
  • Develop your business strategy and plan
  • Problem-solve and think creatively

Flexible and bespoke approach

The overall platform for your team event could be an indoor training environment or our unique outdoor training approach called Breath of Fresh Air®.

We create fun learning events and workshops that provide learning experiences that translate into improved performance in the workplace. Our style is highly interactive and participative with a focus on the practical application of the learning and aligning any learning with business objectives and priorities.

We work with a number of partner organisations to incorporate unusual team building activities such as horse whispering, singing, painting, dancing and bushcraft skills.

Outcomes will include:

  • An engaged and motivated team moving forward
  • All team members working in the same direction
  • Rapid response to change
  • Ideas and solutions coming from the team
  • Greater employee retention
  • Smarter working practices
  • High performance and business results