The difference that NLP-based Sales Training brings that regular sales training doesn’t

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Are you wondering what the difference is that NLP-based Sales Training brings that other sales training doesn’t?

What is NLP?

Let’s begin with a quick understanding of what NLP is, starting with what the acronym stands for:

NNeuroThe brain and nervous system
LLinguisticVerbal and non-verbal language and communication
PProgrammingSequences and patterns of thought and behaviour that influence the way we do things and the results that we get.
NLP = Neuro-linguistic programming

NLP is based on the study of excellence and the formal definition is that it is ‘the study of the structure of our subjective experience.’ In addition, it is based on the belief that, if I can understand how someone else does something, then I can learn how to do it myself.

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What sales training covers

Regular, or foundation level sales training will cover the sales process and the core skills and knowledge that are needed during this process. These will include:

  • Making a good first impression
  • Initial rapport
  • Questioning and listening skills
  • Qualification – understanding customer needs and their buying process
  • Presenting your solution
  • Handling objections
  • Closing the deal

Those of you who already know about NLP, will recognise that this regular sales training already follows some of the principles of NLP, and a few of the skills. This is because this training recognises that good salespeople follow a process and the skills that are learnt are the skills that good salespeople display.

NLP-based Sales Training

An NLP-specific sales training programme builds on these core skills and develops the advanced skills, and mindset, of the very best salespeople. It comes from the study of how high-performing salespeople excel, it looks at the difference that makes the difference and enables us to replicate the performance of the most successful salespeople.
For example, how is it that great salespeople are so resilient in the face of rejection and how do they seem to encounter less resistance from buyers?

NLP Sales Training answers these questions, going beyond a methodology and enables the seller to:

  • Recognise some of the thinking and language patterns that make each individual unique
  • Step into the buyer’s shoes to see things from their perspective and listen with empathy
  • Understand how buyers buy and identify the individual buying map of each buyer
  • Tailor their sales approach to the individual buyer’s style and talk in their language
  • Influence with integrity and sell to individuals and multi-level decision-making bodies successfully
  • Develop the mindset and beliefs for sales excellence

If you would like to know more about how our NLP Sales Training and coaching can help you and/or your team or would like an exploratory chat about what support you need, please contact us.

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